I don’t know why but whenever it’s time to travel I always seem to get anxiety over the details.  As seasonned a traveler as I am, you would think that it wouldn’t be the case.  But it is.  This last week I have been going through all the mental checklists making sure that nothing was left out or behind.  Have I finished all the work I needed to get done before departure?  Are all the bases covered in leaving for 10 days.  There is always the doubt; did I remember to pack this or that?

Perhaps this stems from a family experience.  Years ago my parents were flying to Hawaii with some friends from San Jose.  I was taking them to the San Francisco airport and when we pulled up to the departure area and the luggage unloaded, my father said, “have you seen my carry-on bag?”  It was not there.  All of their documents, tickets and some of the essentials were in that bag.  He was sure he had left it on the kitchen table at home.  Needless to say, time now became a real problem.  I had to fly back across the bridge (about 90 mph), fetch the bag, and fly back across the bridge to the airport.  I don’t know how, but I made it back to the airport in what I’m sure was record time and my parents did make their flight.

This certainly made a lasting impression on me and from that time forward is probably where this anxiety if not downright fear when preparing to travel started.

The much more pleasurable side of travel is the anticipation of actually departing for your adventure.  This ofcourse starts immediately after determinng and booking what and where you are going.  At this point it is seems so far off that you occasionally daydream about the trip.  When you are about a month away, the countdown begins in ernest, ticking off the remaining days before departure.  At about a week to go you get real serious and your every free thought is spent on looking forward to the vacation.  This is the point that what I discussed in the first paragraph of this blog takes a hold of myself.

The last week is filled with this blend of anxiety and heightened anticipation.  Once you are on your way a real calm takes over and everything in the world is OK.

Until next tomorrow,
Bon Voyage

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