I bet you would never have expected to read the words in the title of this blog but it is true. The Norwegian EPIC is only one of 14 Ice Bars in the world and the only one on a cruise ship.

You are provided with a faux fur coat and gloves and then you enter the Ice Bar where you are served two very cold martinis in a glass made of, what else, ICE. It is 17 degrees inside. The bar, benches, and a couple of ice sculptures are all made of ice.

You are allocated about 45 minutes in the bar. At first it was just cool but it got down right freezing cold. My nose and finger tips were feeling it. Lots of wimps did not stay long in the bar but I was last man standing after about 35 minutes.

After that we went to Headliners night club to see “Howl at the Moon, the World’s greatest Rock and Roll Dueling Pianos Show!”

Sunday was a day at sea and we spent most of the afternoon exploring the pool and sports deck. Went to Spice H2O, which is the adults only pool at the stern of the ship. It has a curved, tiered sun deck with a pool the base. Behind the pool is a very large TV screen. We sat and had a few beers and watched football on the big screen.

Until tomorrow, Bon Voyage!