Celebrity Century     1995 -- 2015

Celebrity Century 1995 — 2015

Call me old fashioned, call me sentimental. There is a unique charm and elegance on the smaller, older ships that is just not found on the modern cruise ships.
Let me first define modern versus older. In the cruise industry every cruise line tries to be innovative with their onboard concepts with every new ship built as well as bigger and more passenger capacity than the previous. Modern is what has been built in the last year or two, older is ships that are gracefully ageing and perhaps 10 years or older.

The Celebrity Century is an ageing, older ship by cruise industry standards. The oldest and smallest in the Celebrity fleet. She was built in 1995, which is not really that long ago but by cruise ship standards that is starting to become ancient. Although totally refurbished in 2006 and certainly well maintained and kept clean and fresh, there are signs of ageing. Unfortunately she will be sold in April of 2015 as she no longer fits into the concept and design of the other Celebrity ships.

Her public areas like the lounges, shops, and dining venues have an intimate and relaxed feel. Sitting having a drink last night in one of the lounges with beautiful decor of dark wood columns and paneling, you could feel and hear the groaning of her frame. The wood creaking and crackling with every movement of the ship. Something you just don’t get on the newer bigger ships.

The staterooms, perhaps slightly smaller than on new ships are still very comfortable and efficient. Lying in bed you feel a little more vibration, yet this is at the same time very therapeutic and comforting.

As the cruise industry continues to mature with bigger, more innovative features we cannot forget all the wonderful ships that have paved the way. In the past the ship was a means to get you to a desired destination all the while enjoying the intimate nature of your journey. Today, many ships are the destination.

I personally, probably because I am older and have had the opportunity to experience cruising many generations of ships ago, prefer the smaller, older ships. Not just the ships of the mid-90’s, but those of the 70’s and 80’s, even a ship built in the mid-1950’s. Just call me sentimental.

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