Not Enough Time

Where does the day go? It’s amazing how fast a day can fly by. My last blog was published a few days ago and there have been two full sea days since then. You would think that I would have had plenty of time to write something. I do have several blogs partially written, just [...]


Traveler of the Year

Cruise & Travel, Traveler of the Year How about that!  On the cover of Cruise & Travel.  I was named  "Traveler of the Year". Not quite.  This is an example of the many photo opportunities available to you while on a cruise.  The ships' photo staff seem to be everywhere.  Unlimited photo opportunities [...]


Are You Hungry

One of the most talked about aspects of any cruise is the food. The sheer quantity as well as quality is overwhelming. There are so many meal and snack opportunities it will make your head spin. Most people on a cruise seem to prefer the buffet for breakfast and lunch. You can also enjoy a [...]


An Experience Of A Lifetime

Yesterday I blogged about the specialty restaurant, today I am going go a step beyond this. The Carnival Spirit offers an experience of a lifetime that is only available to 12 passengers two or three times per voyage. It does come with a hefty price tag but well worth the experience. It is called “The [...]


Offically The Best Day Ever!

I borrowed the title of this blog right off the Carnival drink of the day glass. This certainly is the theme and objective of any cruise. The best part is that tomorrow will be proclaimed the same, and the next day, and the next, and will continue the duration of the cruise. It has only [...]


I thought it was Miami!

During the 1920’s and 30’s Art Deco was the art style of the period. Miami Beach has retained this Art Deco architectureal style and is associated with it to this date. You know it when you are in the South Beach area of Miami. It’s like steping back in time. Look around, where is Don [...]


You’ve got to see it, to believe it!

Welcome to my daily “live” blog from onboard the Carnival Spirit sailing on a 9 night Mexican Riviera cruise. In both our business and personal lives we have been taught and rightfully so that you only get one first impression and that it is extremely important to make it a good one. That philosophy is [...]


Cruise Trends for 2011: New Ships

With at least nine major new cruise ships sailing in 2011, the cruise experts at Cruise Holidays recently voted on which ships are most highly anticipated by cruise travelers. Their top pick: the Disney Dream, which launched on January 26. The Dream is the third ship in Disney Cruise Lines’ fleet and the first introduced [...]


I know where SpongeBobSquarePants Lives.

I know where SpongeBobSquarePants lives and it's not at the bottom of the ocean. He lives aboard the Norwegian EPIC. I saw him, and Patrick. In addition to a wonderful childrens program that is age group specific NCL has a special program called "Nickelodeon at Sea" Various characters from the Nickelodeon brands are represented on [...]

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