A Breath of Fresh Air for Royal Caribbean Group

Sciences Leads the Way for Royal Caribbean Group’s HVAC System Most of us are familiar with Royal Caribbean International and their fleet of  cruise ships that sail the seven seas. You may not be quite so familiar with the parent company Royal Caribbean Group which encompasses several cruise lines to include: Royal [...]


Things To Do In Stockholm, Sweden

Is there a cruise or visit to the Baltic states in your future? Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is sure to be on your list of places to explore. Stockholm has its location on a series of islands,...


Cruises Vs Resorts

You meet two kinds of vacationers – the ones who love to cruise and the ones who prefer their all inclusive resorts. These are some of the reasons you will hear most often by those who vacation year after year at resorts as to why they never want to cruise: I just want to lie [...]


Does the Early Bird Get the Worm …or Not?

Advantages of Early Booking If you have been cruising for a long time, you probably don’t need to read this article. You've been booking your cruises well in advance – most of the time – so chances are, you are not going to change. But come-lately cruisers or those new cruisers accustomed to all inclusive [...]


Pizza and Gelato -O My!

The Attractions of Naples Naples – a city port along Italy’s west coast, capital of the region of Campania and 3rd largest municipality in the country. This is a droll description that does not conjure up much excitement in the traveler’s heart. But let me assure you, no traveler to Italy should miss this [...]


Will You Take the Ultimate World Cruise?

Did you ever want to escape the day to day grind and replace it with something a touch more exciting just once in your life?  I think we all have dreams like this, enjoying a vacation of more than 100 nights complete with elegant evenings, brushes with the rich and famous, and visits to exotic [...]


7 Travel Items You Should Have

Our Input on that Important Packing List Every experienced traveler has a go to list of items he or she would not travel without. Here is another take on that all important packing list whether you are going by land, sea or air: Keep this safe - and pack a copy or two! #7 [...]


Land of the Midnight Sun

Alaska is often referred to as “land of the midnight sun” and this is certainly the case in mid-summer to the far northern interior of Alaska. You don’t get to experience 24 hours of sun on an Inside Passage cruises, but you come close to it and does almost feel like it. Even before the [...]


Is There a There, There?

Is there a there, there?  The correct answer is yes.  What I’m going to discuss are the small ports-of-call on an Alaskan cruise.  Sometimes small is better.  Sometimes the unusual and out of the way places are the most interesting.  Not knowing exactly what is waiting for you before arriving can be exciting.  What is [...]

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