CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) just released the 2012 Cruise Industry Update with information compilled from their 26 cruise line members.

In 2011, 16.3 million passengers took cruises.  That is an increase of 10% over 2010.  The annual growth rate since 1980 is 7.5%.  It is projected that over 17 million passengers will be taking cruises in 2012.

Last year 3% of Americans took cruises with only 24% every having been on a cruise.  Various surveys indicate that 35% intend on taking a cruise within the next three years, so there is still a huge upside to the industry as the cruise lines continue to build new and larger ships every year.

It is just not the continued increase in passegers yearly that is impressive but the fact that ships are sailing full.  The average occupancy last year was 103.2%.  You ask how could that be?  Passenger occupancy is based on two passengers per stateroom.  Some staterooms can accommodate additional passengers for families with children or a group of three or four friends that travel together, therefore creating the potential, actually the reality, that the occupancy rate is over 100%.

So just where did these 16.3 million passengers cruise to last year?
1.  Caribbean                 33.7%            5.  The Bahamas                 6.05%                9.  Trans-Canal         2.5%
2.  Mediterranean          20.4%            6.  Mexican Riviera              3.27%              10.  South America     2.4%
3.  Europe/Scandinavia   7.9%            7.  Trans-Pacific                  2.9%                11.  Hawaii                 2.14%
4.  Alaska                       6.18%           8.  Australia/New
                                                                        Zealand/S. Pacific     2.7%

With the so many options in ships, destinations and the information overload of the internet, more and more travelers are turning to professional travel agents for assistance with their travel requirements.  Travel agents handled almost 75% of all cruise reservations last year.

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