On the third consecutive port day, our first that the weather cooperated, we stopped in Skagway, Alaska, with warm weather and sunny skies.  In its heyday, Skagway was the boom-town gateway to the Trail of ’98 and the Klondike gold fields.  Lots of history here.

The Celebrity Infinity was the fourth and final ship to reach port that morning.  Two Princess Cruises ships and a Holland America Line ship were docked and passengers anxiously disembarking to spend a day in this very small town of approximately 840 residents.  With the four ships in port, the towns’ population for the day swelled to over 8000.

Many passengers were off on an amazing and picturesque railcar ride to the summit and border between Canada and the USA on the White Pass & Yukon Railroad, the “Scenic Railway of the World”, one of Alaska’s most popular visitor attractions and not to be missed.

Others went over to Haines for a rafting adventure on the Chilkoot River, offering an amazing opportunity to view both Brown and Black Bears, and home to one of the highest concentration of Bald Eagles in North America.  For other thrill seekers there were helicopter rides over the fjords, mountains, and glaciers, some even landing on a glacier to either walk on or take a dog sled ride.

For the less adventurous the wooden sidewalks of the town itself were over crowded with shoppers.  Gift shops and jewelery stores seemed to alternate on both sides of the street.  The famous Red Onion Saloon had customers lined up out the door for a drink and a show.

My mission at Skageway was to go to the Skagway Fish Company and have their fish & chips once again.  The first time, seven years ago, was the best fish and chips that I, my wife, and a friend ever had.  I so looked forward to having that wonderful Alaska Halibut battered and deep fried once again.

Having been featured on several Food Network and Travel Channel shows has made the restaurant busier than ever.  Waiting for a table, I entered into conversation with a couple from Georgia whom as it turned out was on the Infinity as well.  We decided to have lunch at the same table and had a very nice conversation.  The best part was definitely the fish & chips with a cool glass of Alaskan Summer Ale.  The meal did not disappoint.  I will go there every chance I get on future cruises.

Until tomorrow,
Bon voyage

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