Serious Stuff:
It’s our country’s birthday so Happy Birthday to USa.  I had wondered if the ship was going to do something special or different than a nomral day.  That was answered at breakfast.  The buffett area was all decked out in red, white, and blue. Bunting and American flags everywhere.  There was even a watermellon carved with “Happy 4th of July”.

While cruising Tracy Arm Fjord this morning the food department put on an ice carving demonstration on the pool deck.  As the carver chopped away at the block of ice he kept asking his audience what they thought it would eventually become, a Dolphin, Whale, etc.  The right answer and final art work was ofcourse a Bald Eagle.

For the passengers whom did not want to view the trip up the fjord to Sawyer Glacier outside in the 36+ degrees weather, they could do so from the comfort of the Constellation night club on deck 11.  The night club had been all decked out in red, white, and blue ballons, streamers, flags, and various signages.  A special 4th of July lunch featuring fried chicken, barbecued ribs, corn on the cob, baked beans, apple pie and so much more.

Fun Stuff:
In my business infomercials at the various networking groups that I belong to, the tagline that I use is “I sell FUN”.  I truly do.  I believe that you should have fun on your cruise.  That said we had a little fun at last nights dinner.  There could be a certain travel agent that might have been the instigator of this, not mentioning names.

At the previous nights dinner we were talking about birthdays.  No one in our group was celebrating a birthday during the cruise.  So I asked one of the ladies at our table if she wished it were her birthday.  Her enthusiastic response, “yes, everyday”.  After dinner I told our waiter that it was her birthday the following day.  He said that the waiters would sing “Happy Birthday” to her and present her with a small birthday cake.

The following nights dinner went normal until desert.  Four waiters came up behind her.  She’s looking at them, her husband had the “what the heck is going on here” look.  At this point the waiters broke into “Happy Birthday”, as did our entire group as well as other dinners in our general area.  The entire song the gal just laughed histaricaly to the point her cheeks were hurting.  She got the joke immediately.  It took a while for the rest of our group, her family, to figure it out.  A relative came over and said, “I know that my birthday is the day after yours, and it’s no where near that date.  What the heck is going on?”  He finally got it too.  Afterwards her family and friends joined in the fun and came to the table to wish her Happy Birthday.  Now that’s FUN.

Until tomorrow,
Bon voyage

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