It’s been almost a year since my last cruise as well as a blog post related to my travels.  Last November on the Cruise Holidays convention cruise it was just too busy to do a daily blog.  I always intend on blgging while traveling but just never got around to.  This week will be a bit more relaxed and you should see a daily blog.  At least that is my intentions.  Pictures to

After more than a year of planning, embarkation day for my California Coastal group sailing on the Grand Princess was finally a reality.  I had arranged for a bus to transport most of my group to the port at Pier 35 in San Francisco.  Super excited and happy clients gathered at my house.  The bus arrived.  Luggage got loaded, and lots of it.  Passengers seated and off we were.

It seemed as if a hundred conversations were taking place amongst the friends that already knew each other as well as total strangers engaged with each other as we rolled down 880 towards the new Bay Bridge.  In a few days all will be new friends.

The excitement increased as we started crossing the new bridge.  This was the first time across for most of us.  About 3/4 across the new span at about Treasure Island two Princess ships could be seen across the bay at Pier 35.  Two gigantic white ships.  After crossing the bridge you have to make that slow crawl along the Embarcadero but our driver knew what she was doing and somehow diverted us past most of this traffic.

Two porters handled all the luggage and we walked right into the terminal, no lines, and checked-in immediately and on the ship by 12:30.  Smoothest and fastest check-in in San Francisco ever.  The staterooms were also ready so we could drop off our carry-on pieces and go grab some lunch.  Can’t believe how smooth everything has gone so far.  Hope this is a sign of the week to come.

Until next time,
Fin Voyage.