When you hear the words Historic or Classic you just know that it means OLD, not that there is anything wrong with either.  Personally I may be Classic and working on becoming Historic.

What has this got to do with anything?  When I arranged our weeks vacation at a condominium here in the Ft. Lauderdale area prior to our cruise I just picked one that was on the beach. I reserved a week at the Hollywood Beach Resort Cruise Port in Hollywood, FL. In my subsequent research I discovered that the resort was built in 1926 as the Hollywood Beach Hotel. The bronze plaque on the resort entrance states that it opened in February, 1926. Yikes!

In my research and in talking with resort personnel several very interesting fact have been revealed. The hotel was the favorite resort of Al Capone when he came to South Florida. At one time the hotel was converted to a convent and a long time ago when a huricane came through the Ft. Lauderdale area the hotel served as a morgue for more than 4000 victims of the devastation. Enough history.

In it’s current resurrection the resort is composed of three district operations. It is a hotel, a condominium with permanent resident and a portion of the building is time share. It is going through a major revitalization to revive it to its former glory. Revitalization and revival are just other words for OLD as well.

Our unit is a one bedroom with a small kitchenette. Newly refurbished with new and adequate appliances, beautiful tile floors in the kitchen, dining area and bathroom. Freshly painted throughout, new carpeting and furniture. Very comfortable. It will be a fabulous week none the less.

Until next time,
Bon Voyage