Not exactly, at least not by myself.  Approximately 2000 passengers and a crew of 1000 helped.

One of the most talked about aspects of a cruise is the quantity and quality of food available almost 24/7. On the Celebrity Infinity, Executive Chef, Francisco J. Sagastume has a brigade of 125 Chefs working 24/7 to prepare all the meals.  This brigade is managed by a team of 9 Chef de Cuisine and Sous Chefs.  In addition, each area of the Galley has the following chefs: Pastry Shop-17, Bakery-15, Main Galley-52, Crew Galley-11, and Preparation Rooms (Butchers, Fish Cooks)-19.  It takes one chef 10-12 hours per day just to make the ice cream.  Ice cream and almost everything else is home-made right on the ship, from the salad dressings to the mayonaise.  On an average day at sea they prepare and serve over 10,000 dishes to the guests and crew.

While taking the galley tour offered on the sea days of the recent cruise we were given a fact sheet with the amount of food consumed on an average 7 day cruise.  The executive chef stated that he pays close attention to the manifest of upcoming cruises to see where the passengers home land is.  If it is primarily American or Canadian, the beef consumptions is up, but if it is heavy European then the fish, lamb, and pork consumptions is higher.  Also the time of year and region that the ship sails can affect the amount of the various products consumed.

Pounds of beef 9,127                        Pounds of pork 2,062                                         Pounds of sausage 1,092
Pounds of turkey 1,965                    Pounds of crab 982                                              Pounds of lamb 1,462
Pounds of veal 1,725                        Pounds of chicken 3,621                                     Pounds of fish 5,826
Pounds of lobster 825

Pounds of fresh vegetables 19,329           Pounds of fresh fruit 16,326                Pounds of potatoes 7,000

Gallons of milk 12,753                      Quarts of cream 412                                         Gallons of ice cream 175
Fresh eggs 3,600                               Pounds of sugar 3,500                                      Pounds of rice 2,500
Pounds of cereal 575                         Pounds of jelly 125                                            Pounds of herbs/spices 75
Pounds of coffee 1,125                     Tea bags 3,000                                                   Pounds of Cookies 575

Bottles of champagne 80                  Bottles of vodka 125                                            Bottles of run 108
Bottles of gin 75                               Bottles of whiskey 108                                         Bottles of sherry 13
Bottles of misc. liquors 212             Bottles wine 9,225                                                Bottles of beer 25,363

I did my part in consuming some of the above items. Here is my partial list:

5 hot dogs                                         1 hamburger                                                         1 lobster tail
6 pieces sushi                                   4 pounds beef
6 chocolate croisants                        8 pounds of fresh fruit                                       12 glasses of wine
5 martinis                                          8 beers                                                                 5 ice cream cones
3 pounds of potatoes                        5 pounds of fresh vegetables      
And so much more!

Until next time,
Bon voyage

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