Well almost. I have a good friend who is actually on this cruise with me and one of his sayings is that “I could live here”, almost anywhere we travel together. Roatan, Honduras is actually a very nice little island, about 35 miles long and about 3 miles wide with a few mountains about 1500 feet high.

We took an island tour that literally took us all the way around the island. Our tour guide even drove down a beach right at the water line. What great views from the two mountain tops we were taken to. Even that far away the view of the Norwegian EPIC is very large.

We stopped at an iguana farm where there were about 200-300 iguanas just running around. We fed them with some vegitation. Boy can they chomp quickly. There were also several kinds of monkeys, ant eaters, as well as a pen in the water that had lots of Tarpons and Barracudas’.

On the West end is touristy area with several large resorts and very expensive homes. This where the “I could live here” really started.

After our 2 1/2 hour tour ended about 4 hours after we started we got a quick Honduran beer and went back to the ship, got some late lunch, and jumped in the swimming pool to cool down.