I know where SpongeBobSquarePants lives and it’s not at the bottom of the ocean. He lives aboard the Norwegian EPIC. I saw him, and Patrick.

In addition to a wonderful childrens program that is age group specific NCL has a special program called “Nickelodeon at Sea” Various characters from the Nickelodeon brands are represented on the cruise including the SpongeBobSquarePants, Dora, etc.

There are breakfasts with the Nickelodeon characters, meet and greets, Dora’s Dance Party, Nick live, Slime Time live and more. Enough to keep the kids and families engaged throughout the cruise.

Next time you think of cruising, especially with younger children, the Norwegian EPIC with “Nickelodeon at Sea” is the obvious choice. Kids and adults alike will have the vacation of a lifetime.

Bon Voyage!