During the 1920’s and 30’s Art Deco was the art style of the period. Miami Beach has retained this Art Deco architectureal style and is associated with it to this date. You know it when you are in the South Beach area of Miami. It’s like steping back in time. Look around, where is Don Johnson? Some of you older folks will get this! My attempt at a little humor.

You may ask, what the heck is he talking about? The décor and color scheme of the Carnival Spirit is reminiscent of the Art Deco period in my opinion. Throughout the ship the colors are predominantly copper and a beautiful dark green with accents of tans, browns, and oranges. The wall décor, tile, and carpeting is composed of curved, squigilly (is that a word?), zig zag, circles, etc. Combined, making a very warm, subdued, elegant combination.

In almost all ships there is artwork in the staircases between floors. Some ships have a vast variety and no particular theme. The artwork is composed of sculptures, paintings, etc. In the staircases on the Spirit there is a theme. In each corner of every staircase there is a glass enclosed case with an Art Deco style glass vase. They are of various sizes and some are all clear glass and many others have every color of the rainbow involved in the design. There is also plenty of painting and sculptures throughout the ship.

Another unique feature of the Spirit is the nine story atrium with the ships specialty steakhouse on floors 10 and 11. There is a glass staircase that connects the 10th and 11th floor of the restaurant and the staircase curves out over the atrium. You can look down through the glass steps all the way down to the main lobby on Deck 2. Not for the faint of heart or those afraid of heights.

The special feature of the atrium does not end with the glass staircase. Angled above the steakhouse and the atrium is a sloped glass domed roof composed of red glass and which is part of Carnivals signature fan tail smoke stack design. During the day this cast a rose colored hue throughout the atrium and enhances the predominat copper colored walls of the atrium. I almost forgot to mention that the atrium also has three glass elevators that spans the entire height of the atrium.

Perhaps tomorrow I will talk a little bit about the restaurants, the food service, and the steakhouse which we are going to experience tonight.

Until tomorrow,
Bon Voyage!