This question comes up quite often throughout our lives so now I am applying a similar question to this weeks cruise. We are just a little past the halfway mark and the question is am I looking forward to the rest of the cruise or sad that it is coming to an end?

I guess that depends if you are a pessimist or an optomist. Generally, I am an optomist and feel that the first half has been fantastic and am not a bit sad that the end of the cruise is closer. Already having done and seen so much I am really looking forward to seeing and doing other planned functions.

We have seen a lot of top notch entertainment every night at many of the venues onboard the Norwegian EPIC yet there is still so much more that we will experience the next three nights. We have also enjoyed wonderful meals at numerous and unique restaraunts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and again there are more options left to explore.

After calls at Costa Maya, Mexico and Roatan, Honduras there is still one more port-of-call tomorrow at Cozumel, Mexico.

A complete review of the cruise will be posted next week upon my return. Until then please check this blog daily.

Bon Voyage!