This blog was intended to be published last month after I attended the three day Cruise Holidays mid-year meetings in Minneapolis, MN with other franchise owners from all over the US, Canada, and our newest region, the UK.  I thought it appropriate to do so now since it is the eve of my big group which sets sail on an Alaska cruise from Seattle tomorrow.

Back to Minneapolis.  The weekend was jam packed with general sessions and workshops; where new programs, technology enhancements, and training was combined with preferred vendor presentations (actually during our various meals) and we had the opportunity to interact with our headquarter management and support staff, vendors, and the other franchise owners.  All this to increase our knowledge, make our individual businesses more efficient, and provide improved value to our clients.

There was always something going on from the time we arrived and started workshops Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon when we all head back home to put into use what we have just learned.  No time to even leave the Westin Hotel and go to the Mall of America or any other Minneapolis attractions.

The meal functions were like the buffets on a cruise.  There was an MC that coordinated the interactive entertaiment at the evening meals.  Lots of fun and crazy team building games.  One of the evenings I was on a team which won.  It had to do with using lots of ingrediants and building a desert (don’t ask) which was then judged by the representatives from the participating vendors.  Yes there could have been alcohol involved previous to this.  Just like on a cruise.

No it’s not a cruise, but it’s still fun.

Until tomorrow,
Bon Voyage.