It’s almost a tradition that when our granddaughters are spending several days with my wife and I that it is certain that they will want to watch one or more of three movies; Mama Mia!, Grease, or Hairspray, time and time again. I for one have watched any of those about as many times as I can tolerate at this point. They think it’s funny and tease me, but in a fun way. I will either go do something else, read, watch something on my tablet, but most likely end up falling asleep.

Wouldn’t you know that the very first evening’s production number in the Celebrity Theatre was titled, iBroadway, weaving Broadway musical numbers together by the very talented Celebrity singers, dancers, and orchestra with costume changes reflecting the song selections. Song and dance numbers included many from classic plays like Phantom of the Opera, A Chorus Line, and many more. Eventually selections from Mama Mia and Hairspray were performed. This brought back the memories of all those evenings watching those movies with our granddaughters. I just can’t escape these songs.

Until next time,
Bon Voyage