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This whole cruiseaholic concept started a year ago when my large group that just completed an Alaska cruise needed a group name.  Almost everyone in the group loves to cruise, they are addicted to cruising, and have done so many times, except for the first timers, whom will most assuredly become addicted too.  In my infinite wisdom I decided to use their last names followed by Cruiseaholics.  That certainly implies an addiction.

The logo I designed is pictured above.  This was used on some of the printed material as well as on a red, white, and blue T-shirt with one sleeve designed with stars and stripes and the other sleeve with an eagle.  Very symbolic of their Alaska cruise during the week of July 4th.

Cruiseaholicism is spreading.  Hard to pronounce but a cool word, would you not agree?  I LIKE it, just made it up.  Proud of myself!

What initially fuels your addiction is the abundance of food, literraly 24/7.  The quantity, quality, presentation, and diversity of options, available all over the ship, including room service.  Daytime activities tailered to everyones taste is available, from lectures, games, bingo, exercise programs and on and on.  Evening entertainment includes Broadway style shows to intimate venues with every style of live music, as well as a casino.  Being served hand and foot every day, all day is not hard to take.  Pack and unpack once, you don’t have to make up your room every day, no cooking, just do what you want to do, when you want to do it.  What could be better?

The more cruises you take the more you want to go on.  Almost before you are finished with your current cruise you start thinking about another cruise, when, where to, what cruise line?  When you do this you know you have an addiction, you are a true Cruiseaholic.

Most addictions start with you going to the Caribbean.  Eastern, Western, Southern, doesn’t matter.  A lot of California cruisers start with the short Baja Mexico cruises.  You are hooked.  Then you find that another region that supports your habit is the Mexican Riviera.  Eventually you are drawn to the beauty of Alaska.  Perhaps Hawaii.

Seasoned addicts soon start to look to other areas of the world that can support their addiction.  Before you know it, Canada/New England calls to you.  Then it’s Europe, the Baltic in Northern Europe, the vast expanse of the Mediterranean with Spain, France, Italy, the Greek Isles, Turkey, Croatia, North Africa and so forth.  More than you can do in one cruise.

Once you are seriously addicted you look to even more unique sorces to satisfy your craving like South America, Dubai and the India Ocean area, Galapagos, Antartica, the South Pacific, and New Zealand/Australia.

Just when the serious cruiseaholic thinks that their addiction will be hard to satisfy a new source is discovered, river cruising.  Again, many different worldwide destinations.  All over Europe on the Rhine, Mosel, Danube and many more, the Nile in Africa, Russia, and China and Viet Nam.

Are you a Cruiseaholic?  If so, be proud of it.  You are incureable.

Until tomorrow,
Bon voyage

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