I have always had the feeling that once you board your cruise ship and embark on your voyage all the worries and problems of the world cease to exist; at least for the duration of your cruise.  There is this wonderful calm that fills your body.  Not a worry in the world.  Time really feels as if it stands still.  It doesn’t take very long before you don’t know what day it is; or do you even care.

This timeless feeling starts right after you check-in, have your embarkation photo taken, walk up the gang plank and step onto the ship.  You are now on cruise time.  That’s not to say that your cruise doesn’t go by quickly, it certainly does.

Yesterday when we boarded our stateroom were already available to us.  We were able to go check out our stateroom and drop off our carry-on luggage.  After that, the first order of ‘business’ ofcourse was to go to the buffett and have our first meal.  Afterwards we walked through the various public areas on the decks of the ship to get acclimated to the layout.

Our departure day was a beautiful, clear, warm and sunny day, especially for San Francisco.  As our departure time approached, we decided to go to the Seaview Bar at the stern of the ship, deck 14 for a fantastic view of San Francisco, the bay, Alcatraz, and eventually the Golden Gate Bridge as we were finally sailing on our way to Alaska.  This is a ‘Kodak picture” moment, forever etched in my memory.  I have been fortunate to have had this experience twice and it never gets old.

This is when it really hits you that there is really “not a care in the world” for the next 10 days.

Until tomorrow,
Bon Voyage

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