Where does the day go? It’s amazing how fast a day can fly by. My last blog was published a few days ago and there have been two full sea days since then. You would think that I would have had plenty of time to write something. I do have several blogs partially written, just not to the extent or perfection I am satisfied with. They will eventually be completed and published.

About half the time I have been waking up my normal time, about 5:45 AM. It’s at that time of the morning that I have been writing. Other times I have stayed in bed and slept in which is very unusual, for me at least, until 7:30 or even a little later. By the time I get dressed and ready to venture out for a later than usual breakfast, a domino effect has been set in motion that compresses your day, especially sea days. If it is a day in port I may have had an excursion or just wander the shops close to the port but the routine is pretty much the same, only the morning and/or afternoon is spent ashore rather than doing something on the ship.

On sea days I usually found a quite spot on the ship to read in the morning. Before you knew it, it was noon. I certainly don’t want to eat by the clock since breakfast was later than normal and still not hungry but eventually I grab some lunch as the afternoon activities will keep me busy. There always are conflicting presentations or activities to attend. What I always like to do is go to the hour long presentation by the onboard naturalist. I always learn so many new and interesting facts about my travels.

After the presentation I would go to the Cova Café for a specialty coffee while on my way back to my stateroom. Somehow, even though I have only been up from 6 to 8 hours I feel a little tired. Half the time I would lay down on the bed and an hour or more later I would wake up not realizing I had napped that long. I never take afternoon naps at home. How can one be tired from just relaxing? Perhaps it’s all the walking, fresh, clean air, eating, drinking and everything else associated with cruising.

After napping there is just enough time to change for dinner and head to the Martini Bar for our cruise tradition of a Martini before dinner. Dinner completed, a decision must be made as what to do the rest of the evening. Every effort must be made to attend the evening show because on many occasions I came back to our stateroom to rest a bit and that almost made it impossible to get back out. Either way, at some point, it was off to sleep and start this procedure all over again the next day.

Where does the time go?

Until next time,
Bon Voyage