When I promote specific group cruises, I am often asked if I will be sailing with the group.  This is not feasible most of the time but when I do, like this week, it’s what I call a “CruiseWithOle”.   Our group consists of family, close friends, repeat clients, networking business associates and their referrals.  Truly a mixture of existing and new clients, many not knowing each other.

I always do something for my clients, for this “CruiseWithOle” in addition to the group amenities I wanted to do something special.  I decided to host a cocktail party complete with Hours d’oeuvre’s.  This would be an opportunity for the group to get to know each other.  The party was scheduled an hour before dinner on our first full day at sea.  This happened to be the first formal night.  Everyone came dressed in their Sunday best.

The menu of appetizers that can be ordered understates the quantity of food and the number of individuals it will feed.  I had ordered chicken wings, potato skins, melons and prosciutto, vegetable tray, and imported and domestic cheeses.  Boy did I over order.  There was enough food to feed a small country.  So much so that they sent an unopened cheese tray to my room.  I guess it’s cheese and wine in my room for two or three days.  All said, I think everyone enjoyed and appreciated this special touch to their cruise.

We were totally surprised when midway through our cocktail party the Cruise Director, Marty Moss and the Captain of the Grand Princess, Captain Justin Lawes, dropped in on our cocktail party to see if we were enjoying ourselves and to thank us for cruising with Princess.  That was indeed a very special moment on what is going to be a memorable week.

Until next time,
Bon Voyage