I borrowed the title of this blog right off the Carnival drink of the day glass. This certainly is the theme and objective of any cruise. The best part is that tomorrow will be proclaimed the same, and the next day, and the next, and will continue the duration of the cruise.

It has only been two days with seven more to go. How much fun can one have? My answer to that is. Never enough. The world of reality has been left far behind in San Diego last Friday and each new day is full of exciting things to experience. Stu, the Cruise Dirctor, has almost demanded that you do something new and different each and every day that you would not normally do at home. We have taken that to heart and will try to do that.

As far as doing things you would not normally do. We have signed up to experience the Chef’s Table on Thursday. I think I will leave you with this as a teaser and not say anything about it until my blog after the experience. Let’s just say it is one of those once in a lifetime experiences.

I was going to talk about the restaurant and food experiences to date but I will keep this blog short and perhaps cover that tomorrow. We did go to the specialty steak restaurant last night. WOW. You’ve got to read about that. Another teaser.

Today we will be at our first port-of-call, Puerto Vallarta. Having been here three previous times there is nothing on the shore excursions that we wish to participate. We may go into town and walk along the waterfront downtown and enjoy all the sculptures along the beach or we may just go sit in and by the pool on the ship while the crowd is in town. So much pressure!

Until tomorrow,
Bon Voyage.