Usually when I am cruising or traveling like I am this week I try to do a daily blog related to the activities and experiences during the week.  This is not a normal week.  

I am currently on our annual Cruise Holidays convention cruise.  On these convention cruises I attend general sessions, seminars, workshops, even a vendor trade show.  When the ship is in port at the various destinations there are convention meetings and activities that limit the amount of personal free time I have to fully experience the port.  During sea days the morning and afternoons are filled with meetings followed with a pre-dinner reception leaving very little time to explore the ship.

On normal non-working pleasure cruises the day gets away from you fast enough.  Before you know it’s late afternoon and time to get ready for dinner.  With this convention cruise the hours feel like the are on fast forward and not only the hours but the days blur together. 

This ship, Allure of the seas, is way beyond what I had expected.  All the reading, pictures, video and training I had participated in did not prepare me for what I have experienced.  It is absolutely spectacular, unique and outright revolutionary.  When I do get time (most likely during the net two weeks) I will write about the many neighborhoods, venues and entertainment aboard the Allure and destinations experienced.  I will have lots of fun and informative things to report to you.

Oh where does the time go.

Until next time,
Bon Voyage.