Putting the perfect cruise package together and making dreams come true for people is truly a fun and satisfying job but sometimes the harsh reality of our lives and the problems that crop up are just more important than a great vacation and puts everything in perspective.

Every year Cruise Holidays chooses a worthy charity that most of the franchise owners get behind and support in their own way as well as a coordinated national effort.  For 2011 Cruise Holidays supported The Susan G Komen for the cure.  In addition to a year long effort to raise awareness and funds there was a perfect tie in with Holland America Line and our convention. 

Several years ago Holland America decided to start a 5K walk around the promenade deck with the goal of raising $200,000 for breast cancer research.  “On Deck For The Cure” was initiated and occurs on every sailing on every Holland America ship.  They charge a $15 fee, all of it going to breast cancer research.  Participants are given a special T-shirt as a thank you.  The walk has been very popular with over 160,000 participants having raised more than $2,600,000 to date.

For our convention Cruise Holidays paid this entry fee on behalf of every convention attendee.  At the staging area we were told that it was the first time on the Eurodam that the showroom was needed for the staging because over 300 passengers were registered for the walk.  Not hard to believe since Cruise Holidays was well over 200 of them. 

My family has certainly been touched by this dreaded disease and this charity very important to me.  I had vowed to walk as far and long as I was able to.  Every step important and that much closer to a cure.  To complete 5K (3 miles) required 9 laps around the Promenade deck.  One time around the deck seemed like a looooong way.  It was not a race so pacing yourself was important.  After a few more laps, I and others, were lapped by the faster, fitter walkers.  I made a few more laps and I decided to stop as my legs started to feel like cement. 

I completed 5 1/2 laps or about 3K (1.8 miles).  I was proud of my effort.  Convention is not always work or fun and games, there is a caring and serious side of the Cruise Holidays family as well.

Until tomorrow,
Bon Voyage