Out the Golden Gate and on our way.

Out the Golden Gate and on our way

Sail Away. It’s at that moment there is big sigh of relief and you truly feel you are finally on your cruise. The months of excited anticipation and preparation just became reality.

Before that moment arrived you had probably been onboard the ship for three or four hours. You have had to endure the check-in process. Winding your way through what appears to be a never ending line of other anxious cruisers which in reality goes very smoothly, quickly, and efficiently.

Once onboard you have had plenty of time to have had your first meal, perhaps a drink, drop off your carry-on luggage in your stateroom, your home for the duration of your cruise, and explored the various areas of the ship and chosen the location you want to be at for sail away.

About half an hour before departure everyone has to participate in the Muster Drill, where all passengers gather in their assigned stations to familiarize themselves where to assemble should an emergency while at sea occur. As soon as that is completed you anxiously hurry to the area of the ship you have chosen to view the sail away. The ships band is playing party music on the pool deck. The decks are crowded with all the passengers waiting for the moment the ship inches away from the pier. Everyone is in a party mood.

As the ship prepares to depart, you feel the engines start to rumble more, the ships vibration increases a little more, engine smoke drifts with the wind, and the final act before casting away from the pier, several long blasts of the ships horn, indicating you are underway. You feel and see that the ship is now slowly moving away from the pier. You are finally and officially cruising. Sail away never gets old. It’s the beginning of another fantastic journey to places both new and familiar.

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