Seattle's Space Needle

I have unashamedly borrowed the title from the classic romantic comedy from 1993, staring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  A classic because of one particular restaurant scene with a catchy line that is still referred to today.

Sleepless for a variety of reasons.  Primarily because of the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming cruise and can’t wait to board the ship shortly after noon.  Secondly, thinking about this blog while trying to fall asleep.  Kind of the, what came first, the chicken or the egg! Sleep or blog.  So it’s 5:00 AM and light outside.  YIKES!

Seattle appears to be a clean, upscale, vibrant city with lots of things happening.  On the way into town from the airport we passed their relatively new side by side baseball and football stadiums.  Also passed several huge Boeing aircraft plants where the next generation of aircraft are in production.  The Boeing 787, made of composite materials not aluminum, not rivited but glued together!  Lots of restaurants and ofcourse an endless variety of coffee shops.

From my hotel room I am looking at downtown Seattle with more skyscrapers and tall buildings than I remember from the last time I was here.  Slightly to the right is Seattle’s landmark, the Space Needle.  This unique white, tall, and beautiful structure was the center piece of the 1962 Worlds Fair, forever defining Seattle and its waterfront skyline.  It is so close to the hotel it almost feels as if I can reach out and touch it.

This is bonus day.  I will probably post two blogs so check back later in the day for that.

Until later,
Bon Voyage.