So much to do, so litte time, and so much fun.

One of the myths of cruising that people have before cruising is that they will be bored because they think that there is very little to do.  WRONG.  It really is the opposite.  The daily activities start around six in the morning and quietly end after midnight.  The variety of things to do will fit almost anyones interest and more often than not, there always seems to be two activities presented at the same time on a regular basis.

In my case this was already an issue on day one and I know this will occur many times over the week of cruising.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, I thoroughly enjoy the onboard naturalist and his presentations and on the first day that conflicted with a galley tour.  Choices?

I have been busy early this week attending to details regarding “my group”, so much so that it wasn’t until the third night that I finally had my first martini.  Sam, not as good as yours but will certainly do.  The pre-diner martini has become a tradition while cruising.  More of those during the remainder of the week.  Love the Celebrity Cruises chocolate croissants.  Took two days before one jumped in my hand.  The only one still.  Maybe that will change today.

Speaking of food and the galley tour.  Several of “my group” took advantage of the tour and raved about it.  Found it very educational and interesting.  On most cruise lines this is simply either not offered or if it is, there is fee charged.  On Celebrity Cruises this was FREE.  Take advantage of things like this.  I hope that it will be offered again on our last sea day. I will be there.

A typical day could include all sorts of trivia games, bingo, ice carving demonstrations, dance classes, fitness classes, cooking demonstrations, napkin folding, wine tastings, and so much more, and that’s all before lunch.

If you just want to relax you can find a quiet corner all over the ship to just gaze at the passing scenery or read a book.  Go to the library borrow a book.  Meet new friends in the game room.  Take in a movie in the Cinema. Yes, the Celebrity ships still have a dedicated theatre with movies.  Many cruise lines have eliminated this venue and play movies in the show room during the daytime or you have to watch them on your rooms TV.  Several cruise lines have even instituted a pay per view system in your stateroom.  There is live music by the pool during the day.  In the evening every genre of music is performed in the various lounges all over the ship.

There are also conflicting choices in each port-of-call with the variety of excursions sure to please anyone.  Take a simple bus tour of the city, some sort of water related tour like whale watching, kayaking, airplane ride to the glaciers and more.  Hike the nature trails, eat the local cuisine.  Get out there, learn the culture, explore.

Lastly, there is one activity that there rarely is a conflict with, that’s dinner, the daily highlight of your cruise.

Until tomorrow,
Bon voyage

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