When I am preparing to write my blog I may have inspiration that has struck me the previous day and have had lots of time to think about the way I am going to express those thoughts. Other times, like today, I just depend on the loose thoughts in my head to find their way to my finger tips and onto the keyboard and transform into words that make sense.

I am altering the Disney tag line a bit today because it really applies to this great cruise on many levels. There are certainly more families with children on this cruise than I would have expected although all are very well behaved. They are not running around, making a lot of noise, or obnoxious in any manner. The kids all look like they are having a great time. Except the six year old I saw yesterday being hauled back to his stateroom by his mother, all the while he was crying and screaming “I want to go golf, I want to go golf” and on and on. I would have let him go play mini-golf and be over with it, but that’s just me.

There are also many more older couples than I would have expected. There is a real threshold at the seven day cruise limit. Many people, escpecially younger couples and families just can’t seem to go away for more than seven days but older couples have both more time and perhaps money to go on the longer cruises. All the passengers are very friendly, more so than most of the cruises I have been on.

This genuine happiness goes beyond the passengers. This also applies to the entire crew which are all friendly, smiling, and in many instances have gone beyond the call of duty. They truly appear to enjoy what they are doing. Even the Italian captain of the ship is very friendly. He has a sense of humour, is present at a lot of the functions on the ship, talking to passengers, etc. Looks like he is having a great time and just as much fun as the passengers.

Here is the update on yesterdays’ big decision. To go to town in Puerto Vallarta or stay on the ship and go to the pool when it is a lot less crowded. Again, such pressure. Having “been there, done that” we decided to stay onboard and enjoy one of the four pools on the ship. We all spent the day in and out of the pool and playing Phase 10 dice game all afternoon. Talk about happy, relaxing, and most of all fun. It’s really tought when the big decisions of the day involve when to eat, where to eat, what to eat, what to see and do, etc. The way I look at it is that in my line of work I will most certainly be back here again within a few years and go sight seeing then.

Today is Mazatlan and the big plan is to go to the port side shopping area, buy a few trinkets and then sit down at the bar/restaurant right there and have a margarita or two and some fish tacos. Just like last time we were in Mazatlan.

In the business networking groups I belong to, one of the statements I make all the time at the end of my infomercial/elevator speech is, “Remember, I sell FUN”. Not only do I sell FUN to my clients, I also get to have a lot of FUN doing just that.

Until tomorrow,
Bon Voyage