When people talk about cruises they often talk about the abundance and variety of food available 24/7. Another unique feature of cruising that has everyone excited and talking are the towel animals that your stateroom attendant makes and leaves on your bed during their nightly clean-up and bed turn down in your stateroom.

Returning to your stateroom after dinner or the evenings entertainment you are greeted by a new animal perched on your bed. From monkeys to elephants, the vast number of animals that can be transformed from towels to art is truly amazing. The talent of the stateroom attendants in creating these towel animals is awesome. If you have others traveling with you and their stateroom is in a different area of the ship, their towel animals will most likely be different than yours on any given evening. The next morning notes are compared as to which animal did you have last night?  It is not a concerted effort to do the same animal by every stateroom attendant the same day. Their creativity definitely shows.

To view a whole zoo of towel animals from some of my cruises please go to http://bit.ly/fgn81f.  Click on “Slide Show” and then click on “Show Info”.  Some are a little difficult to interpret, what do you think?  Enjoy.  E-mail me at onordhavn@cruiseholidays.com with your thoughts.

During your cruise you will most likely have the opportunity to attend a demonstration of how these marvelous creatures come to life from simple towels. You also get to try your hand at it. Some look good, others are questionable.  It takes lots of patience and practice to reach perfection.  I have also noticed on several cruises that a book can be purchased with instructions to make many of these creations once you return home.

Funny, I check every evening and I don’t get towel animals or that little square of chocolate on my bed at home. Guess you have got to go on a cruise to enjoy two such simple pleasures.

Until next time, Bon Voyage!