More from the Cruise Holidays Convention cruise last month. 

Almost every cruise line has a ‘private island’ in the Caribbean, usually in the Bahamas.  A day visit to these private islands is pretty much a day at the beach where the cruise line provides food and offers beverages, beach equipment rental, and activity excursions at a fee.

Holland America Lines private island is Half Moon Cay, Bahamas.  Other islands in the Bahama Islands chain can be seen on the horizon but not accesible.  Nassau is out there somewhere as is the Atlantis Resort.  Those places will be left to explore on future cruises.  Actually we will be stopping at Nassau during the 2012 Cruise Holidays convention cruise next November.

The m/s Eurodam anchored just off shore with perfect weather, warm, not hot, and sunny with a breeze.  The Cay is a crescent shaped sand spit with a few trees and a few lagoons.  Before going ashore I was sitting on my stateroom balcony listening to the ocean waves gently rolling in the breeze making swooshing sounds.  Quite mesmerizing.  The colors of the surrounding waters was striking.  Imagine a painters pallet full of every shade of blue from powder blue, aqua, sky blue, to a deep rich dark blue of the deeper waters.  Lots of activities available on the Cay, like swimming with the stingrays, snorkeling, parasailing, or just a day at the beach.

Holland America recently completed construction of a three deck replica shipwrecked pirate ship on the beach which serves as a bar and entertainment area on the cay.  Holland America Line reserved the top two decks and hosted a private party for Cruise Holidays at Captain Morgans Rum Pirate Ship Bar on the rocks.  This was an afternoon cocktail party prior to our farewell cocktail party that same evening.  Rum and other drinks in the hot sun could be dangerous but still lots of fun. 

With the Caribbeans rich history of pirates and the region capitalizing on this, it was fun being on this replica pirate ship with cannons, tattered sails, and holes in the sides of the ship, having a few drinks, pretending to be pirates for a day and wondering how those days really were centuries ago.

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