One of the five all-too-common myths or misconceptions regarding cruising is that there is nothing to do and you will be bored.  I would like to point out that this and other myths are usually spread by individuals whom have never taken a cruise.

There is always something going on and designed to meet almost anyones interests.  Many of the activities I will attend with my wife and others we go our separate ways and meet up later.

The daily guide is delivered to your stateroom in the evening and contains a complete listing of the next days activities, dining times, entertainment options, upcoming port information, as well as shipboard facts and staff biographies.

It quickly becomes apparent that your on-board cruise experience is all about options or conflicting choices from your meals, activities, entertainment, to sightseeing.  I look at it as optomistic versus pessimistic , with options always being a good thing and if you view it as conflicting then that may be the pessimistic approach.

This is just the beginning of the second full day of this cruise and already I have been faced with this situation.  At the very first evenings dinner there were two soups that sounded intriguing.  I love the cold soups cruise lines offer, many of them fruit based.  I was drawn to the Pina Colada pineapple and coconut soup but there was also a Porcini Mushroom soup.  I decided to have both ofcourse. When faced with options why fight it, just order one of each which is what you can do on a cruise.  The mushroom soup was exceptional, full of flavor, very unusual.  The presentation of the cold Pina Colada soup was fun.  It was brought to you in a pina colada glass with a wedge of pineapple on the lip of the glass and a straw.  Very interesting.

Last evening another option had to be addressed.  Go to the production show: Piano Man, in the Princess Theatre or go to the Vista Lounge and attend the comedy/magic of Greg Moreland, “Magic Wasn’t Supposed to be this Funny”.  No problem.  Each show was scheculed to be repeated another evening so we will be able to attend both.

Today is about options. As an “Elite” member of Princess Cruises Captains Circle I have been invited to a special Wine Tasting today.  Unfortunately it is at the same time as another presentation by the onboard naturalist on “Whales” in the ScholarShip@Sea: Special Interest Lecture Series.  Wine wins out.

This scenario will repeat itself time after time the next 8 days and it definitely doesn’t take long to realize that “you can’t do everything”.

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Bon Voyage

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